DIY Chicken Coop Plans

If you have decided to keep chooks we have easy diy chicken coop plans for building a chicken coop, with over 100 different hen house plans you will find a coop plan to suit your budget and requirements. We have simple do it yourself chicken coop plans for A frame hen houses and mobile chicken houses.

Fresh organic eggs laid by happy hens taste fantastic and are a welcome reward for your efforts after building a hen house from diy chicken coop designs, my kids love the daily routine of gathering the eggs, my little daughter is constantly surprised to find fresh eggs every day.

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Do it yourself chicken coop plans , hen house

Do it yourself chicken coop plans

Get your kids involved from day one, encourage them to help you build the chicken coop, show them the diy chicken coop plans and explain the layout and what tools and materials you will need, building a hen house as a family project gives everyone a sense of satisfaction and something the kids can be proud of.

DIY Chicken Coop Plans In PDF

Our plans come in handy diy chicken coop pdf format with simple to follow detailed instructions and images to guide you along the way. We also have video guides which handyman challenged people like myself will find most useful.

Diy chicken coop plans

Diy chicken coop plans

We have a good selection of do it yourself chicken coop plans for mobile chicken coops and chicken tractor plans with handy door openers. These can be lifted and rolled around the backyard, not only a great way to fertilise the backyard organicly but also the happy hens not only keep garden pests and insects down but also get variety in thier diets, well fed chooks are egg laying chooks.

Follow this link for our $10 PDF package of over 100 Chicken coop Plans and
5 FREE e-books on keeping and raising healthy chickens
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Chickens make for great pets and our diy chicken house plans will enable you to keep happy, healthy hens in your backyard. Chooks eat all of the househole food scraps which is great for recycling, they keep the pest population down which is good if you have a vege patch, less bug spray chemicals in the soil, and most of all you get a constant supply of fresh eggs, a happy hen will produce over 150 eggs a year.

Turn the chores of keeping chickens into a pleasurable activity by involving your kids in the feeding and keeping of the hens, and cleaning the chicken coop, they love hunting for new eggs every day, and as pets kids love chickens, once they name them you are stuck with them. We have diy chicken coop plans for six to twelve hens and also large, more ambitious chook pen designs for larger quantities.

But remember before you build a chicken coop using our great selection of diy chicken coop plans, take time to check the local council regulations about keeping backyard chickens. You will find if you can have a backyard chicken coop there will be certain requirements you will have to meet, on the building of the coop, the size of the chicken coop, how many chooks you are allowed and where you can locate the hen house.

The chicken coop in the video below was build using one of the many designs that you will get when you buy the chicken coop plans. You should also note that some of the free bonuses that come with over 100 plans are instructional guide ebooks on raising and keeping chickens, so you really get the entire package all in one.

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  1. Kari Liebmann says:

    Can you please let me know how to obtain a catalogue of your DYI plans for static hen houses
    Thanks and regards

  2. Dianne Wilson says:

    Where do you have the plans? on disk or the web? Please advise

  3. George Bloomfield says:

    I am after a DIY kit or plans to build a chicken coop and run. We have foxes in the area so assume as i dotn want to put a roof over the run, will leave last 400mm of mesh on walls loose

    Can you assist? We are in Research Victoria

  4. Dirk Seemann says:

    how to we get the plans for the chicken coops? thanks

  5. Katrina Cox says:

    Please send me some free plans and ideas for different styles of chicken coops

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  7. Henry Smith says:

    G’Day! Chickencoopplans,
    This might be off topic, however, Hundreds of DIY chicken coops plans and designs are available on the Internet. If you plan on making a chicken house on your own, you will need the help of experts who provided these design plans.
    Keep up the good work


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  8. Garden Bay says:

    Building your own DIY chicken coop is a very smart idea because it’s going to enable you to not only reduce the costs of installing a professionally built one but also supply you with fresh eggs on a daily basis.

  9. You want to keep poultry but have been put off by the cost of readymade chicken accommodation; I can understand this as they really are expensive. But, as a far superior alternative have you thought about building a simple DIY chicken coop? By simple I mean not complicated and I can guarantee you will be blown away by what you can achieve. So, why not give building a simple DIY chicken coop a try, you might just surprise yourself.